Tim Burton’s Frankenweenie VFX Breakdown

Published on Jul 23 2013 // Animation / VFX, Visual Effects

Frankenweenie (2012) marks the return of Visionary Director Tim Burton to Stop-Motion Animation after 3 live action films (Sweeney Todd, Alice in Wonderland and Dark Shadows). In the film, a boy named Victor loses his dog, named Sparky, and uses the power of science to resurrect him.


To accomplish this feat the director employed the services of Three Mills Studios in July 2010. The crew created three giant sound stages, including Victor’s cluttered family attic, a cemetery exterior, and a high school interior. The sound stages were then divided into 30 separate areas to deal with the handcrafted, frame-by-frame style of filmmaking. In addition to the claymation technique, CG Animation and VFX were also used to create the final finished look of the film. Here’s a selection of some of the 1,200 VFX shots completed by the in-house VFX department.

Author - Abhijit Roy

Source – Splinebomb (http://www.splinebomb.com)

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