The Making of ‘Terminator 1 & 2′

Published on Jul 17 2013 // Behind The Scenes, Movies

James Cameron’s Terminator movies (1984 and 1991), paved the way for modern day Special and Visual Effects inspiring visionary directors like Steven Spielberg in their Cinematic quest. While the first movie dealt with a Terminator sent back from the future to kills momma Conner and gave Arnold Schwarzenegger one of his most iconic bad-guy roles as the T800, the second movie really cranked-up the VFX to the next level never seen before with the introduction of the even more vicious Terminator, the T1000. This time round Arnie got to play the good guy and Robert Patrick took up the task of killing the Conners.


These two movies are the most loved entries in the Terminator Franchisee. Here are some archival making-of footage from the golden age of Movie Magic.

Making of Terminator 1 (Creating The Terminator: Cast & Crew Recollections (2000))

Making of Terminator 2

Author – Abhijit Roy, India

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