The Making of ‘Pacific Rim’ (ILM/Legacy Effects)

Published on Jul 23 2013 // Behind The Scenes, Movies

Visionary Director Guillermo del Toro‘s mega epic Robots vs Monsters movie, ‘Pacific Rim’ released 2 weeks back to mixed reviews and divided audiences even more than Man of Steel. What the movie lacked in Story and Acting department, it adequately made-up for in the larger than life visuals and mind-blowing effects. It was every fanboys wet dream from beginning to end. Literally, all your dreams as a child came to life with it’s world-wide destruction of property and over-the-top, stretched out fight sequences between the Robots (Jaegers) and the Monsters (Kaiju).


Warner Bros recently released a making-of video which talks about the director’s involvement with the Digital Artistry of the geniuses at ILM (Industrial Light and Magic) in utilizing the multi-million dollar budget required in making a movie of this scale.

Along with ILM’s CG Effects, Legacy Effects (created by Stan Winston Studio alumni) also contributed in the Practical Effects department (animatronics and hydraulics) to bring the Robots to life:

Building Pacific Rim’s Giant Conn Pod
Special Effects supervisor Shane Mahan of Legacy Effects details the many stages it took to create the unique, massive conn-pod machinery for Guillermo Del Toro’s PACIFIC RIM. From design, testing, additive manufacture and mold making to construction and assembly, watch how the twelve-foot-high hydraulic arms were created and attached to the pilot suits.

Building Pacific Rim’s Detailed Pilot Suits
Here Shane discusses making the pilot suits for Guillermo Del Toro’s PACIFIC RIM. Over a hundred separate pieces were created for each suit and were extensively tested and meticulously designed and aged.

Building Pacific Rim’s Stylized Helmets
Her Shane shares the many components that went into the helmets they created for Guillermo Del Toro’s PACIFIC RIM. Diving into every possible detail, Legacy Effects walked the line between aesthetics and functionality to create the iconic and sleek looking helmets for each pilot in the film.

Author - Abhijit Roy

Source – Warner Brothers (, Legacy Effects (

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