The CASIO TRYX – Casio’s Super Compact, Super Flexible TRYX Reimagines the Point-and-Shoot Camera. High-Speed Continuous Shooting technology, HDR-Art imaging and the TRYX will make you rethink the compact camera.

Published on Jun 16 2012 // Camera & Lenses, Photography
 Casio TRYX Digital Camera


  • Exhibiting a revolutionary design, the TRYX can turn, twist, hang and stand to get shots you never believe from angles you never thought possible.
  •  High-Speed Super Resolution Zoom, enables clear multiple-magnification zoom without the need for an optical zoom.
  •  HDR (High-Dynamic Range) harnesses the High-Speed CS and high-speed large-volume image data processing capabilities of the new Exilim Engine HS to create a totally new type of digital imaging.Casio’s exclusive HDR-Art creates a totally new artistic approach to photography that combines a burst of CS images recorded at the touch of the shutter button.
  • The Slide Panorama feature gives you extremely wide panorama images with a huge field of vision of up to 360 degrees.

For More Information  log on to : casio dot com


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