TBOX – weather proof case for cameras

Published on Aug 15 2015 // Accessories & Rigs, Cinematography


Call it a Tough Box, a Tight Box, or an all-Terrain Box; our time-tested TBOX TANK is a universal multi-purpose and weatherproof protective case for your favorite cameras to capture action scenes and long-term time-lapse sequences in various environments and mounting positions effectively and safely.

Fortified by a Pelican case, it’s as tough as a tank! Imagine putting on an armor for your camera! Now your camera can do crazy fun stuff like the action camera, without compromising on image quality and controllability, or losing the pleasure of using your favorite camera!

So, go on, bring your camera in the TBOX TANK on dangerous missions, go near the water or mud, mount it on a moving vehicle, bury it in the sand, or even ambush a tiger. It’s especially effective for capturing long-term time-lapse sequences too.


The TBOX TANK came together three years ago out of necessity, when we had to specially design a hard protective case for our DSLR cameras to perform a long-term time-lapse recording on a building construction project.
When the first TBOX TANK prototype was completed and deployed on-site, it delivered amazing results. With this special capability, the number of our projects grew. We started getting many more long-term time-lapse projects for  construction, land-reclamation, ship-building and oil rigs. And before we knew it, we had installed more than 20 units of our TBOX TANK in the field at various sites.
We also realized the TBOX TANK improved the versatility of our DSLRs. We made more modifications along the way for the TBOX TANK to capture some shots that we ourselves think it’s a little crazy.
water proof  case for dslr cameras


If we were to make each TBOX TANK individually, the retail value of a single TBOX TANK can be as high as US$2,000 because most of the parts require precision CNC-machining of solid metal blocks for that perfect fit and quality. It would not make sense for any protective case to cost more than a standard camera. We aim to bring the retail value to under US$1,000 for the TBOX TANK so more people can enjoy using this product to capture the great moments that they need.

The retail value can be as low as US$900 each – only if we manufacture 100 units at a go – which we think will totally work for most people. Therefore, we need your help to cross this manufacturing hurdle to make the TBOX TANK even more affordable.And for the super early bird supporters of the TBOX TANK on Indiegogo, we want to offer all of you an additional discount off the Launch Price because we want you to use the TBOX TANK!

For more details : tboxsystems.com

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