‘ Talos ‘ Motion Control Rig is ease of use and flexibility, Talos outsmarts all other moco rigs of it’s size.

Published on Jun 18 2012 // Accessories & Rigs, Cinematography

'Talos ' Motion Control Rig


  • ‘Talos ‘ Motion Control Rig is the latest compact, lightweight, portable live-action rig, designed for Motion Control. This latest design by the Academy Award winning Milo design team incorporates all the unique concepts, knowledge and skills giving you the best performance possible in a compact motion control rig.
  • Part of the operating system allows for connecting an Arri 435 advance or extreme which will then provide for control of the camera as another axis of motion controlling the camera speed from 0 to 150FPS as well as the shutter angle from 11.2 to 180 degrees.

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