Star Trek Into Darkness Title Design

Published on Sep 15 2013 // Animation / VFX, Visual Effects

Visionary Director J. J. Abrams has reinvented the age old Star Trek Franchise for the next generation with his new movies. Not only did he bring about a fantastic evolution to the failing series, Visually, but also upscaled the Action and Sci-Fi Adventure to an all new level never seen before. His signature style is seen thru-out the movies whether it be the mind blowing Space travel or the Awesome hand to hand combat.

StarTrekTitleHere is a video by Andrew Kramer for the Video CoPilot. In the video Andrew talks about the use of their proprietary plug-in for After Effects, Element 3D, to create the Main Titles for the film.

In his words:

Earlier this year I had the opportunity to work on the Main Titles for the Film Star Trek Into Darkness with J.J. Abrams. It was a massive project with tight deadlines but we worked hard to create this exciting journey for the End Titles. And since the film was presented in 2D and 3D, we had to come up with a workflow that was fast & flexible without sacrificing creativity.

So we decided to render everything using our very own plug-in Element 3D! Yes, a $150 plug-in!

And trust me, we pushed Element 3D to the limit! Being able to stay inside of After Effects while working directly with 3D objects gave us incredible freedom to build complex scenes with thousands of objects and hundreds of layers in a single comp. Plus everything was created for stereo so all the layers and objects had to be in true 3D space.

We had access to handful of workstations with some high end graphics cards to do all the rendering for both the Left and Right views of the stereo film which was mastered at IMAX resolution.

Author – Abhijit Roy, India

Source – Video CoPilot (

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