Sony’s F65 CineAlta 4K camera.

Published on Jul 19 2012 // Camera / Lenses, Cinematography


  • The Sony F65  high-end digital motion picture camera  equipped with Sony’s  8K CMOS sensor,delivering brilliant HD, 2K, and  4K .
  • It is designed to work with the docking SR-R4 SRMASTER field recorder, which captures our work to solid-state SRMemory cards
  • It can shoot in either Rec.709 or F65 Gamut, which exceeds the SMPTE specification for color negative film in every direction.
  • It had  1.9:1 aspect ratio of the DCI projection standard (4096 x 2160 or 2048 x 1080). And picture composition of 1.85:1, 1.78:1, 1.66:1, 1.33:1, 2.35 spherical, 1.3x anamorphic, or 2x anamorphic cropped.
  • The F65 records  4K RAW from 1-60fps and in 2K RAW up to 120fps. In  slow motion and fast motion , we get high-speed shots without crop factor or change of effective focal length.Compatible with HDCAM SR tape for archiving and program exchange


  • Sony’s  8K CMOS sensor
  • 4:2:2 YCbCr or 4:4:4 RGB recording
  • HD-SDI output
  • Recording @ 440 and 880 Mbps plus space-saving 220 Mbps SR Lite
  • Wi-fi  for  operation’s  from  Android-based Sony Tablet S and Apple iPad.
  • 4 ND filters built-in with rotary shutter.
  • IIF ACES Workflow
  • RAW file recording onto a 1TB SRMemory card
  • 16-bit linear RAW recording
For More Information  log on to :  pro dot sony dot com
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