Sony FS7 review

Published on Jul 28 2015 // Camera / Lenses, Cinematography

Sony FS7 review

Sony FS7 review by Accord Equips

FS 7 is one of the well thought out camera. It has a high quality 4K image that takes little space on XOD cards. The XAVC files are easy to colour correct. It’s a Run & Gun camera that can moonlight as a production camera on the higher – end gigs. It is not a beginner’s camera but once you understand the Sony Menus is does get easy to use.The body of the FS7 is made out of magnesium, keeping the weight down and the durability up. The camera weighs in at under five pounds without a lens.The EVF packs of a lot of Info. One can see the wave form & vectroscope and much more on the EVF. Users feel it’s a little delicate though.

Smart Grip

The camera includes an ergonomic hand grip. Sony calls a Smart Grip,which features Zoom, Start/Stop and Assign controls.The Smart Grip facilitates camera operation with the right hand,leaving the left hand free to operate the lens. Both the arm and hand grip can be positioned at different angles permitting great flexibility.


  • A run and gun camera
  • XLR inputs
  • ND filters inbuilt
  • Custom & Cine EI mode
  • ENG cum Cinema camera


  • Not a beginner’s camera
  • Menus too detailed. Need lot of study
  • Shoulder support a little too small

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