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Published on Apr 14 2015 // Gadgets / Apps

Description :

Shot Assistant is an app designed for camera/Steadicam operators, grips, brushless gimbal operators, and anybody else interested in using cameras to tell a story. The app transforms your mobile device in a multi-tool designed to feed you useful information on what the camera is doing in pan, tilt, and roll. At its core it is a highly versatile digital level but it does much more! It features a ranging tool that allows the operator to pre-set any angle and have the app guide the frame back to that exact angle. It uses a variety of visual aids to help you get there, most designed to be seen peripherally using high contrast and bold colors to indicate your angle in relation to the stored angle.

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Another useful tool is the built-in seismograph, a way to measure vibrations. The seismograph can show you even the most minute vibrations and can be used to track down troublespots in your mount, the camera, or even your footsteps (useful for people who work with brushless gimbals).

There is also a fullscreen horizon option, this level is designed to be easy to read even without looking directly at your device. Using various visual cues to show you whatever you need to know about your horizon, the option to show the level as absolute or relative to your device, and again using high contrast and bold colors to indicate your level.

All the core functionality of Shot Assistant can be used without even looking at your device, there are no buttons to hunt for in the middle of a shot. The whole screen is the button and the app is designed around multi-touch functionality! The functions change depending on how many fingers you use to touch. One finger, for example, stores any angle in the ranging function. Touch with two fingers to clear the range, three fingers to zero the horizon, four fingers to switch between high and low seismograph sensitivity, and five fingers to reach the settings menu. All of this can be done blind, making it extremely easy to use even while operating the heaviest of rigs!


Finally, a small tribute to Sarah Jones has been added in the latest version. Optionally display a small logo in tribute of Sarah, and to remind yourself, and anyone else, to stay safe on set.

Shot Assistant was made by Ruben Sluijter, a camera/Steadicam operator and DoP from The Netherlands. Nofilmschool . com called it “The camera operating companion we never knew we needed” and Cinematographydb called it “The must-have App For Camera Operators“.

Shot Assistant is currently available for $9.99 for iOS devices on the Apple AppStore and will soon be available for Android devices too. Shot Assistant Lite (with just the fullscreen horizon and seismograph modules) will be released mid-April for $3.99 for iOS.

Apple Store Link :

Guest Article by Ruben Sluijter.


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