RigWheels RigMount XL Brushless Gimbal Mount

Published on Aug 17 2015 // Accessories & Rigs, Cinematography



For the increased use of Brushless gimbals these days, Rigwheels has launched their new mounting product Rigmount XL brushless Gimbal Mount. The main feature that is included in this mount when compared with the popular RigMount X is its wider stance providing higher center of gravity when mounting a gimbal. As with the RigMount X which can support a maximum of 8 magnetic mounts, RigMount XL is now coming with a total of 20 magnetic mounts each handling 50 pounds of pulling force . This increased mounting helps in increasing its holding strength from 400 pounds to an amazing 1000 pounds.This effective add-on makes you to play with the oversized cameras with an ease.

In the words of Rigwheels…..  “The RigMount XL provides a wide “stance” which is ideal for the higher center of gravity associated when mounting a gimbal. The wider stance also helps distribute the weight of the gimbal and camera over a greater area so flex in body-panels is not an issue. This wider stance is also ideal for mounting larger camera rigs without a gimbal.”



Swapping between the magnetic mounts and A-cup Suction mounts can be made depending on the curve nature of surface. So, depending on the shot you want you can mount your camera in different ways. If the surface you are trying to mount is more curved like the side portion of the car, you can use the 8 A-suction cups, also if the shot is more complex you can opt for Vacuum suction cups with visual indicator leaving you with lesser tension of losing the grip.

RigMount-XL-magnetic-mount                  RigMount-XL-Suction-Mount

Listed below are the entire features of the RigMount XL.


  • Rubber coated Magnetic mounting (Total 20 mounts up to 1000lb of pulling force)
  • Sunction mounting (Total 8 Suction cups)
  • Vacuum Suction cups with visual indicator
  • Add-On Riser Kit ( height of 8″)
  • Sidecar – Hostess Tray

The following video by Rigwheels demonstrates the benefits in using RigMount XL.


cant resist to use it after watching this video? but You have to wait till September for availing this effective product.

Source: RigWheels

For the Pricing details and more info: rigwheels

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