MiLi Pico Video Projector for iPhone, iPad. .

Published on Jun 24 2012 // Gadgets / Apps

MiLi Pico Video Projector


  • MILI PRO IPHONE VIDEO PROJECTOR  has a battery that gives it 3 hours of life letting you view video from an iPhone, iPod touch or in a pinch an iPad docked or other devices through  RCA connections.
  • The device also functions as an iPhone charger and docking station.
  • The iPhone display can now be projected onto the surface up to a size of 70” now this is a decent sized display to watch video or play games.
  • The Pico Projector  is built with the MiLi Power Pack and a LCOS LED micro video projector(with hands-free stand)  which is also good for  presentations.It is compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod, and can also project content from other devices via it’s A/V and VGA input and output connection plus with its included built-in speakers, super thin remote control and USB battery charging function.

For More Information  log on to :  iphonemili dot com


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