Might and Magic X: Legacy Trailer VFX Breakdown

Published on Sep 24 2013 // Animation / VFX, Visual Effects

The Might and Magic Series of Role Playing Games started in the year 1986 and has ever since been a benchmark in the RPG genre on the PC. The latest installment  and reboot is Might and Magic X Legacy, developed by Limbic Entertainment and published by Ubisoft. Instead of being a sequel to Might and Magic IX the game will follow the events of Might & Magic Heroes VI and is set in the world of Ashan.


One of the contributing Animation Studios for the Intro Trailer is a Wrocław/Poland based Animation, Illustration and Concept Art Studio called Division 48. They have done an Awesome job on the visuals used in the Intro and have also put together a Breakdown reel of the process, including Storyboards. Take a look and enjoy: 


Here’s the Trailer for your viewing pleasure:


Author – Abhijit Roy, India

Source – Division 48 (http://www.division48.com)

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