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Published on Oct 26 2015 // Filmmaking, Guest Articles

A film with a humble request – “Kanche” a film by krish!

Love and War – is always a proven hit combination in the World Cinema. Kanche (for a division) – a film by critically renowned film auteur Radha Krishna Jagarlamudi a.k.a Krish has created another masterpiece with a sincere note of responsible message to the Indian Society. Though the film has a single message to convey, but the director has devised two lines of narration to give you an essence of film aesthetics and take you close to the true meaning of film.

I believe, we have a need, a desperate need for films that enunciates the reflections of contemporary society in a realistic sense rather exaggerated and surrealistic versions of the society. I would call Kanche is one such thought provoking film that showcased the realistic patterns of the acting society.

Let me bring back the lines of Norman K Denzin who successfully turned film criticism into a criticism of human sciences in a broad social sphere. His idea of “Cinematic Society” can be clearly seen in the film – the nature of cinematic voyeur and cinematic form and content are examined in depth and are its implications for contemporary Society are vital. To put it in simple, Society and its institutions are being the central element of a film (greatly associated to the realities of it).

In the present film, segregation by all forms is clearly presented with a hope that we erase them for the better living. Human segregation is inevitable and inalienable in the civilized societies, don’t hesitate to say it is deeply rooted in Indian society in many forms. Love to read the film as a literature with a reflexive soul that shed its tears on the class, caste, religion and regional segregation of humans. Thus, alienating humans from the true human form and fabricating beings of some unproven and arbitrary ideologies.

Caste – distinguished by relative degrees of purity or pollution and social status in Hindu Society. Religion always takes the belief systems in hand to segregate humans from society and make clan amongst. All the instruments that are devised to segregate humans are institutionalized by our forefathers without any strong roots, thus making precised boundaries around us to act upon – call it exclusive communal spaces. How do any arbitrary ideas can define the existence of human as a whole?

Decentralized Universe – I realized it when Dhupati Haribabu – a protagonist of the film narrates the concept of decentralized universe. Village, town, countries, earth, sun, galaxy and galaxies…so on. Our existence in the universe is unknown, rather the center of the universe is unknown. But why do we proclaim and embrace to the institutions that divide humans among with unknown and unexplained ideologies, vague concepts that often require human scrutiny on the logical lines.

Feminism is yet another concept presented in the film. Lines between character Sita and her grandmother clearly states the idea of female objectification and women being slaved as objects to conceive and carry babies. I believe the director of the film has another angle to work on the liberalization of women and making them an independent force for the holistic development of the society.

All social apparatus used for human division requires a close reading of the acting humans and take the realistic and rational patterns than blinding our senses with a cloth woven with weird ideas. Else have to pay the penalties in the form of atrocities and never ending class conflicts.

In this context, conflict amongst different castes of our society and German – Jew are genuinely rendered.

Kanche (translated into Division) is an opener to the film enthusiasts and reflects the irrational segregations of the society.

E Desa charitra chusina E munnadi, garva karanam? Nara Jaathi charitra samastham Parapeedana parayanathwam – by Sri Sri reminds me that as long as our eyes are blind folded with the irrational institutions, we as humans have to lose the love and true meaning of human living.

Before I close this article on Kanche film. I have to admit to the fact that there is no country that can be governed by detestation, no love that has divisions and no weapon that can give birth to a life. Thanks for the good film.


Guest Article by

Vidya Sagar

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