Guest Article – Fairy Tale to Celluloid Films ( Jack the Giant Slayer )

Published on May 07 2013 // Filmmaking



Guest Article  “Fairy Tale to Celluloid  Films (Jack the Giant Slayer) ”  by   Vijay srinivasan from INDIA   , Senior lecturer  at Andhra Loyola College  , Visual Communication Department .

Now a day’s films have become most powerful medium to attract at the same time to disseminate the information to the audiences, but in olden days grandparents use to tell to their grand children about most fascinating heroic stories mostly a fairy tale to make them sleep at the same time to make them educate, and that trend has developed and film makers started to adopt the fairy tales and convert them into a beautiful celluloid films  and attracting all age group audiences equally with kids and most recently one of the film that has been converted from fairy tale to celluloid film is “Jack the Giant Slayer” directed by “Bryan Singer”  and starred by “Nicholas Hoult”, “Ewan Mcgregor”, “Stanley Tucci” and released worldwide on 1st march 2013 in 3D to make it more beautiful and enjoyable to the audiences.

This is the story, which is an ancient war between humans and a race of giants  who comes down to the kingdom back from a mysterious world of giants when Jack, a young farmhand fighting for a kingdom and the love of a princess, opens a gateway between the two worlds.

In the starting of the film jack and Princess Isabelle is shown at their childhood where their parents tells about those giants fairytales to make them sleep and at the same time to got to know about how the giants lived once upon a time in that kingdom and how they are again sent back with the heroic deed of the former king.

After jack and Princess Isabelle have become matured, one day jack’s father has died and he has to live with his uncle in his uncle’s house and what he has to sell is a horse for their livelihood.

In the journey of selling that horse he finds Princess Isabelle and fall in love with her and one day princess wants to go away from the kingdom as her father want to make her marry to Prince Roderick (Stanley Tucci) whom she doesn’t like, so she decides to run away from the marriage.

In that journey of escaping, she unexpectedly goes in to the house of jack to escape from the soldiers who are trying to catch her in rain.

As by selling the horse jack gets some beans which he doesn’t know that they are the magical beans, when gets wet it forms a bean stalk that leads to a mysterious land of giants.

Jack’s mansion in a thunderstorm, the magic seeds is accidentally watered, and a beanstalk bursts through the bottom and stretches up into the sky like a mammoth knotted dreadlock. Up, and up shoots the house with it, leaving Jack behind on terra firma, where the King (Ian McShane) and his composed, Errol Flynn-like chief guard Elmont (Ewan McGregor) find him the following morning.

Up, and up climb Jack, Elmont, Roderick and a group of soldiers to save Isabelle, until they reach an island in the sky where giants roam wild. The two-headed and apparently Belfast-raised gang leader of these beasts, played by a convincingly digitised Bill Nighy, has long nursed a grudge against humankind, and Roderick has plans for him and his annoyed crowd.

In the mean while, the threatening and perfidious Prince Roderick (Stanley Tucci) plans to get up there and control them with a magic ring, and use these massive monsters as a private army to enforce dictatorship back in Olde Albion, and thus deceive good King Brahmwell (Ian McShane), his trusty courtier Elmont (Ewan McGregor) and the lovely Princess Isabelle (Eleanor Tomlinson), with whom Jack naturally falls in love.

In this film, Singer has most fun up here amongst the clouds, playing games with scale in a string of funny and creative action set pieces improved by the film’s clever use of 3D. It’s thrilling to see Eddie Marsan’s unfortunate human guardsman dash towards the camera while a giant inspects him hungrily from the background — before running him down in massive tramp. A sequence based around the preparation of giant-sized sausage rolls is also horrible fun, although perhaps a touch too dreadful for very young viewers.

After years of fantasy-themed films in the ’80s and ’90s the wildly successful Lord of the Rings and Harry Potter movies — which have become a bigger commercial success in Hollywood and in overseas market ,Hollywood wants to make these fairy tales which the audiences were once again willing to travel in the world of wizards and goblins. I also feel that with the already hit stories will give them good market with epic plots and gloomy themes — are finally returning to their roots.

Once thoroughly fairy tales were re-imagined as entertainment for kids in the 19th century.  “Fairy tales give us a burst of melodrama which reassuring us that there will be a happily ever after.”

In fairy tales, the evil and covetous get true punishment, not just a smack on the wrist, and the hero always overcomes his or her problems to emerge victorious, although a little shocked, from the experience.

Not only this film many films like “Harry potter”, “Alice”, “snow white and seven dwarfs” are some of the films adopted from fairy tales and become block buster’s at the box office. So as the technology in film making has been developed they are making possible of these fairy tales in most interesting fashion and in 3D technology which makes the audience to feel pleasure and enjoyment in watching those films.

In the coming days many more fairy tales are going to be seen as films in celluloid screens and make us enjoy to the core of excitement and gives us the experience of new world .

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