Gates EX1R Underwater Video Housing for the Sony EX1R XD Camera

Published on May 28 2012 // Accessories & Rigs, Cinematography


Gates EX1R Housing

Gates EX1R housing


On the heels of the workhorse EX1, the Gates EX1R Housing is revised and improved for the underwater professional. New to the EX1R is support for larger batteries and external recording units (e.g. nanoFlash). Adjustable trim weights afford perfect balance and trim. Gates Precision ports, HD-SDI surface feed and EM43 high resolution monitor are selectable features that contribute to the sharpest subsea HD images. And the EX1R is classic Gates heritage: durable ‘bulletproof’ machined aluminum, 100% reliable mechanical controls and 2 year renewable warranty.

Reaching the far corners of the globe, Gates housings are tasked with critical projects extending from marine research and military to television and cinema productions. Experts know that failure is not an option, so they never take a chance…. they take a Gates!

Compatible cameras: Sony PMW-EX1R
Source : gateshousings .com
Gates EX1R housing 001
Photo : Sea Nettle/wetpixel .com
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