Frozen Movie Review

Published on Nov 04 2014 // Animation, Animation / VFX

Disney’s Frozen is a 3D animated adventurous classical movie directed by Chris Buck, Jennifer Lee and produced by Walt Disney Animation Studios. It won two Oscar awards –“Best Animated Feature Film of the Year” and “Best original song” for the song ‘Let It Go’ sung by Idina Menzel. The movie claimed as the fifth highest grossing film in the Box Office being the biggest hit for Disney after Toy story 3.

Frozen has emerged as the biggest musical hit by visualizing the songs lively. Each song in this film is made with a purpose to explain the emotions of the characters. In the song”Do you want to build a snowman” sung by little girl Anna asking her sister Elsa to come out and play with her, the two princesses and also the growing love between them in different ages was shown very effectively which can also be loved by the kids. Princess Anna imitating the Royal paintings on the wall in the song ”For the first time in forever” stood as one of the highlights of the film.


This film casts funny and loving 3-D animated creatures like Olaf the snowman, Troll kings and reindeer (Sven). Olaf’s dreaming of summer in the song ”In Summer” is adorable with a perfect voice cast. In addition to this, the reindeer’s actions are so funny that people who love Maximus in the movie ‘Tangled’ cannot stop themselves from loving Sven. The facial expressions of two princesses that were shown in this movie is wonderful which visualizes their different characters clearly.

There were some amazing wonders of snow and ice crystals in this movie When Elsa, the snow Queen finally lets go of her power freely from her fingertips. This can be seen in the Oscar winning song ”Let It Go” of Elsa building the staircase with snow which she turns later into ice and the creation of ice castle for herself. The transformation of Elsa from the known Disney princess to a snow Queen with a blue glittering long fitting gown and the style of loosening her hair in this song was outstanding.

Inspiration behind creating the “Let It Go” song :

  Making of Snow and Ice effects:

Story in brief:

Elsa, the snow queen afraid of her ice powers that can hurt her sister and the people of her kingdom leaves them and stays high in the mountains in an ice castle. In her rush out of the kingdom, she inadvertently traps the kingdom of Arendelle in eternal winter. Anna, sister of Elsa who is bold and practical sets off on an epic journey teaming up with rugged mountain man Kristoff and his pet reindeer (Sven) to find Elsa. On her journey she meets the snow man Olaf made by Elsa which was their childhood toy and now came to alive by the power of Elsa. Taking the help of Snowman’s directions, she manages to find Elsa in an ice castle. But, Elsa in the no acceptance to go back with her, strikes the ice crystal into the heart of Anna accidentally that gradually freezes her body which can only be cured by the “Act Of Love”. When Hans (Prince of Southern Islands) who is having an eye on the kingdom Arendelle tries to kill Elsa, Anna pulls herself against the sword, saves Elsa, but turns frozen. But, she later comes to alive like a miracle as saving her sister is only the ‘Act of True Love’. This makes Elsa realize that fear can be overcome by Love hence saving the Kingdom with her Love.

Voice Cast:

  • Kristen Bell as Anna
  • Idina Menzel as Elsa
  • Josh Gad as Olaf

Directors: Chris Buck & Jennifer Lee


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