‘ Cam caddie ‘ the universal stabilizing video camera handle. Transform your digital DSLRs into an easy to use video camera with professional image stabilization and anti shake.

Published on Jun 23 2012 // Accessories / Rigs, Photography

Cam Caddie Camera Stabilizer


  • The Cam Caddie Scorpion EX Skate Edition is an extremely versatile camera handle and stabilizer. Designed to give modern DSLRs and video cameras the same feel as the Sony VX, the Scorpion is a must have for anyone filming skateboarding. The new breed of DSLRs & HD video cameras have become so small they are now difficult to hold & maneuver. The Scorpion EX solves this problem with its ergonomically designed handle, which allows you to comfortably hold the camera and attach an endless variety of accessories.

For More Information  log on to  : camcaddie dot com


  1. ramchandru says:


  2. Precos says:

    Great DSLR setup! Use similar for wedding filming.

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