Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera | Gyromatic Go2x Stabiliser

Published on Jul 26 2015 // Accessories & Rigs, Cinematography

Gyromatic is an Australian brand based in Outback Australia.

They have been involved in Helicopter filming and Gyro Stabilisation since the 90’s, also  created airborne camera systems for helicopters and utilised UAV Multicopters for Airborne Video work for there  own projects which led to the development of the Go2X.

Gyromatic is s a leader in handheld brushless Gimbal stabilisers specialising in the GoPro, BlackMagic, DSLR and similar type cameras.

The technology used is a disruption to the Gyro stabilised platform industry which held a strangle hold on stabilisation. They use the Simple Brushless Gimble Controller with its main advantages being no backlash in the gear, instantaneous response and low weight. The controller board receives information from gyroscopes and accelerometers mounted on the camera platform. An algorithm is used to define camera angles and then correction is returned to the camera housing keeping the camera stable

Whether you are filming an action sequence, filming from a boat, helicopter or camel, interviewing a punter or jumping off a cliff, the result you get from filming with the Go2X is second to none.

Go2x Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera Gimbal Stabiliser:


For more information about the Gyromatic Go2X brushless gimbal GoPro camera Rig please visit

Source : aero matic


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