Batman: Arkham Origins Trailer VFX Breakdown

Published on Sep 23 2013 // Animation / VFX, Visual Effects

Batman: Arkham is a series of action-adventure video games based on the DC Comics character Batman developed by Rocksteady Studios. The Rocksteady guys created a never before seen experience in RPG mode of gameplay and are noted for having a story written by veteran Batman writer Paul Dini and features the actors Kevin Conroy and Mark Hamill reprising their roles as Batman and Joker from DC Animated Universe.


The first installment, Arkham Asylum, pitted the masked vigilante against his arch nemesis, The Joker, in trying to stop him from destroying Gotham City after he takes control of Arkham Asylum and traps Batman with many incarcerated foes. The second installment, Arkham City, is set a year later, where Hugo Strange takes control of Arkham and builds a massive prison in Gotham. Batman gets caught in the prison and tries to uncover Strange’s plan while trying to survive a deadly disease he has contracted from Joker. The third installment, Arkham Origins, a prequel set five years before Arkham Asylum, sees a younger, less experienced Batman being targeted by deadly assassins on Christmas Eve after Black Mask puts a bounty on his head.


Not only have the game developers maintained high-octane storytelling and a gameplay experience that sees improvement in leaps and bounds, from one installment to another, the quality of the Cinematics has also set new standards in Visual Effects. Here’s a breakdown of the 3D VFX seen in the trailer for the latest installment, Batman: Archam Origins:

Here’s the full Trailer for your viewing pleasure:

Author – Abhijit Roy, India

Source – The CG Bros

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