Artemis Director’s Viewfinder

Published on Jul 10 2012 // Camera / Lenses, Filmmaking, Gadgets / Apps


  • Frame and prep your film, music video, or photo shoot with professional cameras.
  • Artemis is a digital director’s viewfinder designed for cinematographers, directors, and anyone interested in filmmaking, photography, cameras, and film
  • Artemis works in much the same way as a traditional director’s viewfinder but more accurately and with many more features.
  • Camera Formats Include:


    35mm Film Standard, Super & Anamorphic
    16mm Film Standard, Super & 1.3 Anamorphic
    8mm Film Standard, Super, 1.36 & 1.44
    65mm Film

    35mm Digital-

    ARRI Alexa, Alexa Plus, Studio, D-21
    RED One, Red Epic, Scarlet

  • Android Play Store:
  •  Iphone App Store:
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