ARRIFLEX 765 represents the world´s leading 65 mm film camera .

Published on Jul 13 2012 // Camera / Lenses, Cinematography


  • The ARRIFLEX 765  is specifically designed to combine the  functionality of 35 mm cameras with the unparalleled image quality of 65 mm film.
  • It is the lightweight 65 mm camera system and sync camera sound with a noise level of under 25 db(A),  with frame rates of 2-100 fps.Nominal power input is 24 V DC to 36 V DC.
  • Bright optical viewfinder, iris compensated speed ramps and a mechanically adjustable 180 degree mirror shutter are modern features found in no other 65 mm camera.
  • It had innovative electronic control system and it  produce images of unsurpassed resolution, contrast range and natural color rendition.Body weight with finder and loaded 500 ft magazine is 32 kg/70 lbs.


  • Recording format     =>65 mm Film
  • Lens mount     =>       62 mm Maxi PL
  • Forward run     =>       2-100 fps
  • Reverse run     =>       2-100 fps
  • Sound level     =>       below 25 db/A
For More Information  log on to : arri dot com
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