About us : Filmmaking Express was  built  by a team of  Cinematographers , Filmmakers &  Visual effects technicians  with an agenda  to  share  Information and Knowledge  for  the  upcoming Filmmakers . Since the team members are from different continents , we  got  the  possibility  to spread  the making  techniques  followed  by  filmmakers  at  various countries of the world.

Along  with  Filmmaking & camera product related articles we are  also promoting Information about  Production houses , Camera rentals , Post production services around  the  world , with an  idea  to  make  information available  to  filmmakers  when  they  shoot in  foreign countries.

No  Big  paragraphs ,  content  or  poems . .  Since  the  site  is  meant  for the   people  who  are  working  in the  industry  , our   Technicians  & professionals are  writing the  article  straight  to  the point  ,  there  will  be  no  in detail explanation of the  subject  or  product , the  content  will  be  straight  to  the  key  subject point where  a  professional  filmmaker  will  look  for .

We  belive  in  Quality  information /articles  not  the  Quantity , we  regularly  optimize  the content  where  we don’t  want  to  confuse  the  readers  with  too  many  articles . Out of date  content /articles  will  be  deleated  regularly  inorder  to  maintain our  site fast &  easty to  surf  .

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