‘ A-Cam dII ‘ by Ikonoskop is one of the smallest professional digital motion picture cameras on the market.

Published on Jul 03 2012 // Camera / Lenses, Cinematography
A-cam dll camera



  • A-cam dll is small, light and versatile with an appealing ergonomic design.It is only 220mm long and the only controls are an on/off switch, framerate adjustment, and a record button which brings pro-level recording to a more compact and beautiful  design  with  an integrated viewfinder .
  • The camera also features an HDMI out for on set monitoring ,another good thing i like is the use of USB2 for footage transfer from the camera . The A-cam dll weighs 1650 g and is one of the smallest professional digital motion picture cameras on the market.
  • A-cam dII digital motion picture camera shoots uncompressed RAW in full HD in the format CinemaDNG along with two channels of  48k uncompressed audio and embedded image metadata ,  it is one of the few cameras providing totally uncompressed RAW recording and it does not record compressed footage in any  form.So it may be one of reason why it is so simple and does not require cooling fans .
  • It recording 1920 x 1080 pixels you can master directly to full High Definition-format.The A-cam dll’s 16mm sized sensor opens up for use of 16mm and Super-16 mm lenses and with the IMS mount of the camera, this enables us to take almost any lens.
  • The A-cam dll records to memory cards developed by Ikonoskop ,with a writing speed of 240MB/second . The 80GB Ikonoskop Memory Card has a capacity of 15 minutes recording at 25 fps and the 160GB Ikonoskop Memory Card has a capacity of 30 minutes of footage at 25 fps , which is the best fastest memory in the present  market.

For More Information  log on to : ikonoskop dot com

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