3ality Technica is an integrated entertainment company dedicated to live-action 3D and a leading provider of innovative 3D rigs.

Published on Jun 12 2012 // Accessories & Rigs, Cinematography, Film Services
3ality technica atom 3d rig


3ality Technica Atom

3ality Technica Atom is a weight platform lightweight 3D camera designed from the foundation to the most innovative camera changing the game in the world: the EPIC RED Digital Cinema. The Atom has been optimized to take full advantage of the small form factor of the EPIC while accommodating fullsized PL and first PV, as well as smaller zooms like the Optimo 16-42 or 30-80. The result is a full 5K-3D beamsplitter weighing as little as some systems 35mm camera system.

About 3ality Technica

3ality Technica is an integrated entertainment company dedicated to live-action 3D. The company brought together senior representatives 3D digital production and post-production to create a unique environment that is purpose built for uncompromising quality, acquisition through exposure.

3ality Technica proudly employs a team that has played an important part in almost all 3D movie live action and theme park experience ever made. 3ality Technica have the largest number of researchers in 3D in the entertainment industry and the largest 3D Studio and R & D centers in which allow them to do the best job possible.

3ality Technica is known for its incredibly advanced image processing algorithms and software, as well as the speed, reliability and ultra precision tools. The Stereo Image Processor  (SIP) is the industry standard and is used on many projects in 3D, 2D and post-production, regardless of platforms camera 3ality Technica. 3ality Technica, known for exceptional mechanical engineering and a dedicated customer support, is a leading innovative 3D rigsbrings a state of the art manufacturing infrastructure provider. Together, as 3ality Technica, the Company is focused design, durability, service, and software that is years ahead of anyone else on the market.

3ality Technica serves the entertainment world, whether the community it is in sports, movie, TV series, concerts and events, and even in television advertising. Anything that can be 2D on a flat screen can be in 3D and animated! The company addresses the various challenges of 3D content producers have had to fight in the past.

3ality Technica systems cameras work the way 2D camera operators expect a camera system to work. Elimination of image misalignment provides administrators with live preview and immediate viewing of “daily.” PD have a range of 3D lenticular unparalleled opportunities, including premiums and zoom, and camera platforms ranging from very small (palm size) to large systems. 3ality Technica platforms have been used in NASCAR races on steadicams on cranes and a Spydercam.

3ality Technica tools and services enable managers post and moved to work in 3D, rather than people imagine. Instead of time to overcome the common problems associated with spending 3D 3ality Technica allows creative professionals to focus on 3D creativity with simplicity and ease with several 3D video layers, real 3D transitions and image manipulation 3D effect.

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